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Home Learning

What your child learns at home is very important to us in school.  We would like you to extend what they have been learning in school to the home environment to cement their new knowledge.

To help with this we will upload resources for you on this page.  This will range from the books we are reading, simple recipes that you can cook at home with your child, simple activities that you can do and songs that you can sing.

Home Learning week 3: 18th January 2021



Do you have lots of empty boxes and cartons at home?   Then don't throw them away!

A great way to make use of them is making models.

Boxes - big and small, milk bottle tops,  kitchen and toilet roll tubes, yoghurt pots, butter cartons....the list is endless, can all be used to make models at home.

All you need is glue or sellotape, some paint or crayons and your imagination. 

It is also a great way to support language development for your child. 

Talk about things on 'ontop', 'beside' and 'underneath'.

Talk about how one object is 'bigger' or 'smaller' than another object.

Talk about how you will fix the items together.

'One Year with Kipper'

If you have had a chance to listen to Kulwinder reading 'One Year with Kipper' on our You Tube channel, you will know that Kipper makes a New Years resolution not to throw snow balls at Tiger any more.

Think about something that you could do at home to help.  

Things like; putting your toys away when you have finished playing, just like you would at nursery.  Try putting your coat and shoes on by yourself so you can play outside.  

If you have a camera at home you can take pictures of things you find interesting around your house and garden, or if you are out on a walk.  Ask an adult to email them to and we can share them in school. 


On our You Tube channel you can listen to Gerda read the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'.  

If you have a copy of the book at home you can read it too.

You can make your own puppet too and in this video Gerda shows us how to do this.


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If you made your gingerbread man puppet yesterday then today we are going to show you how to use it with maths using every day items from your house or garden.

Here Vic shows us different ways to do this.


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Home Learning week 2: 11th January 2021


Today's home learning is based on the book 'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas.

The book focuses on feelings and emotions and how we can describe them using colours.

A link to the story is available on our You Tube channel.  If you would like to be able to access the You Tube channel please download Parent Hub using the links from the home page.

Once you have listened to the story 

Have a think about how the different colours make you feel. What else makes you feel like this? Your grown-up can help you learn these words so you can say how you are feeling. Talk about which one is your favourite feeling and why?

Draw your favourite Colour Monster. Ask your grown up to help and draw all of the other monsters.

If you cannot access You Tube to listen to the story you can talk to your child about how they are feeling and here is a link to a cbeebies site that might help.



So yesterday you were able to listen to 'The Colour Monster' story and hopefully you drew pictures of your own colour monsters.

Here is a link to a video showing how to take this one step further with identifying and sorting objects of different colours. 


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Today we are using our eyes and our memories!  Vicky shows us how to play 'Kim's Game'.   Kim's Game is a really good test of your observation and memory skills.  

Can you remember what items are on the tray?

Can you work out what Vicky took away?

Play the game at home with objects that you find around your house and garden. 


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We have uploaded a new story to our You Tube channel called 'Ravis Roar'.  If you log on and listen to the story you can then check out our well being tips here 

Dancing is a really good way to make yourself feel good.  Turn up the music and just let go!

Here is a link to the BBC  Boogie Beats 



Friday group time is our singing time!

Our Spring songbook is available here and Graziella is showing us our new handwashing song to keep us all safe!


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Home learning week 1

Follow the link to hear We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen 

Join in with Michael Rosen and then pack your bag and go on your own bear hunt at home or in the garden. 

What would you need to take with you on your adventure?

I wonder what you might see and hear on your bear hunt. 

You could hide a teddy bear for your child to find at the end of their bear hunt.


Treasure Hunt

Design a simple treasure hunt around the house and garden. 

Give the children a list of easily found items and see how many they can bring you. 

Make sure there is a prize at the end!

Christmas Acivities

Our Christmas activities are now available in the booklet here.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone 


We are aware that some children  are still unable to come to nursery at the moment due to the current global pandemic situation that we find ourselves in. 

So that you don't miss out on the exciting things going on we have created a new home learning booklet called "@HOME with Bedford Nursery Schools Federation".

The booklet concentrates on Hands On Meaningful Experiences that you can have with your child whilst you are at home.   It contains lots of ideas for activities, recipes and books that you can share with your child.  All the activities are simple, clear and free to do. 

Click the links below to access electronic copies of the home learning booklets, or if you would like a paper copy please get in touch at and we will send one out to you. 

We would love to see some photographs of you at home doing these activities, or anything else you are learning about . Send them to us at

Autumn Term 1 

Autumn Term 2  Festivals and Celebrations

Autumn Songs

Children with SEND

Pop over to our SEND page for support and ideas for children with additional needs.


As you may have heard there is a new online teaching resources website that has been set up.  There are some ideas for learning for older children from Reception to Key Stage 3.

Click here  to access some ideas for your child whilst they are home learning.

BBC Bitesize


Talking and reading with your child is the most important aspect of home learning.  Supporting your child to be a confident communicator is the key to success.

Books to read with your child at home:  Please follow the links below to access some free online books.

You can also visit your local library, either in person or virtually through the link below:

Virtual Library


Cooking is a great way to encourage communication with your child. It also supports mathematical leaning

Follow these simple recipes:  

Gingerbread man recipe

Yummy Apple Crumble.

Stir Fry

Vegetable Soup 


Pitta Pizza


Songs to sing with your child at home.

Follow the links to find the words to the songs your child has been learning in school

Autumn songbook

Spring songbook

Summer songbook

Hello songs

Christmas Songbook


How to make playdough at home.