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Our Learning

At Cherry Trees  Nursery School we base our curriculum on the interests of the children.

"We provide a seasonal and cultural experience that involves looking inside the child and outside the window and beyond, to enable all children to be resilient and intrinsically motivated to independently satisfy their curiosity everyday"

INTENT what are we hoping to achieve?

IMPLEMENTATION how are we going to support the children to learn and understand?

IMPACT how do we measure what the children are learning?

Our curriculum is based around the yearly seasonal and cultural calendar.   We believe that children learn best through real life experiences and we incorporate many of the cultural festivals such as Diwali, Eid, Christmas and Easter into the activities at school.

We ensure that our environment is accessible to all children.  The environment is carefully planned through the use of the Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scales (ECERS).  

We establish interest centres throughout the setting and these are updated regularly to ensure that the children’s interest remains high.


The teaching and love of reading is central to everything we do.  We use Sounds Write as our main scheme alongside phonetic reading books and real core stories. 

All children and families have access to our extensive lending library where children are encouraged to change their book at least weekly.